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Stealing Stuff

Wyatt • • General and Mischievousness

The one thin in the world that I really hate is when people steal stuff. Now when I say ‘hate,’ I mean hate like you wouldn’t believe hate. So far I have had my car broken into twice, my radio, CDs and laptop all stolen from me. I tell you as serious as can be that if I knew who was responsible, I would do all kinds of horrible and vicious things to maim them so they would be forever scared and would have to say, “Yeah, I was stupid enough to steal from this guy who really hated it. Now I can only get a job cleaning the freaks’ poop up at the circus.” The reason I bring this up is that I came across this link on digg.com and it lines up perfectly with how I might deal with a mild situation. Given that my idea of vengeance would be something along the lines of crushing their bones to dust while they are tied to a table being rubbed by a rusty cheese grater that is dripping salty lemon juice for a warm up, how would you handle the situation?

(Hint: This is another user participation thing :-))

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