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Mac Attack

Wyatt • • Technology

Well, it’s taken one and a half years, but I finally got my Xserve running. Not just running mind you, but running the latest and greatest version of OS X. Now I know most people reading this would be like “Shesh Wyatt, it took you how long to install the operating system that is supposed to be so easy to use blah blah blah…” Well shut up you poop face lickers! I just finally got drive space for it, not to mention the time to actually work on it. Add in the fact that I had to “special order” a part from Apple so that it would run an Apple OS in any small fashion, buy new RAM so it wouldn’t crash every time that I try to boot the CD’s that I also had to “special order” from Apple and finally “special order” imaginary firmware so that the system would actually see the drives so I could actually install and I would say that it wasn’t “just that easy.”

Normal people would have given up and went out and bought one that just worked, but as we all know, there’s no way in hell that I’m normal. 😎

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