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Wyatt • • Revenge Stories

Yes, YEs, YES!!! It’s days like this that I have proof there really is a god. There has to be because there is no other way that revenge this sweet could come about without some divine intervention. If you read my long rant, you’ll know that Gary screwed me out of the house that I wanted because he didn’t think that my offer was serious. But today, today my friends, I got that fscker back.

I’m at Sara’s store, talking with her, getting ready to call my realator Kim to see if we can go look at some houses, specifically this one in Silverton that looked really good, but it went pending before we got to look at it and now it was back up on the market. Anyway, I get a call from Kim asking me how things were going and if there was anything I wanted to see recently. I gave her my list and then the conversation when something similar to this:

Kim: Wyatt, I also wanted to let you know that I got a call today.
Wyatt: Oh yeah? What did that idiot Gary want to say?
Kim: How did you know it was Gary?
Wyatt: I didn’t, but I just really liked the thought of him calling back. 😈
Sara: [Smiles in the background because she knows what is coming]
Kim: Well, if you remember, I called the owner (not Gary) and told them that if they were having issues to call us and maybe we would make another offer. Gary called, acted like a jerk for a little while until I told him to get to his point. Basically, the current contract keeps going in and out of underwriting over and over and they can’t get the house to close at all. The client was wondering if we were still interested in the house.
Wyatt: HA! We frickin’ called it! We said it was going to suck and that is exactly what happened!

Wow … if that doesn’t prove there is a God looking out for the underdogs, I don’t know what does. I told Kim that I might be interested in putting down another offer, but it wasn’t going to be my primary focus. I also said that if I did put an offer on it, I would put the screws to the bastard and it would be at least 10k less than my original. But man o man, I couldn’t have planned it any better myself. 😈

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