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Small Business Server 2003

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I know you’ve been there. Someone adds a bunch of hype to a technology and makes it sound super cool and that you just have to have it. But then you get it and find out what a huge disappointment it really is. Small Business Server from Microsoft is one of those pieces of crap like that. Yes, I’ve had the fortune to install three of these devil worshiping boxes and I am tired of the taint it leaves behind. Executive types think that this is just an amazing product and it offers everything that they are looking for … and they might be right, but only for a short time.

See, there are lots of things wrong with SBS. Lots. So much I’m not going to get into it because I’ll just be even more pissed that I had to deal with it. But I think that it’s very unfair to advertise it as a system that just works when it doesn’t even install without error, prevents users from manually changing things, requiring a DHCP server to be installed so you can “Connect to the Internet,” and a slew of other horridly stupid ideas. The whole thing is that everything that is on SBS isn’t meant to play together at all, but though some voodoo magic, Microsoft summons the wandering spirit of a crippled street urchin to hold the system together.

I am so tired of crappy technology, aren’t you?

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