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It has been a long time since there has been a really good rant on here. Now I’m not talking about a little “This sucks!” type of rant, I’m talking about a rant in it’s purest form. That would be a rant that just keeps it coming and comes out all cow’s grazing. That my friends is what I intend to deliver.

First things first, I hate my landlord; quite possibly my main motivation for trying to get a house. Anyway, this moron is told that our garbage disposal leaks and our dishwasher timer doesn’t work. So the idiot comes over and torques down on the pipe that’s connecting the disposal to the sink (now you know we are getting high-quality-top-notch-ass-face service) to “fix” it. He then proceeds to turn on the dishwasher for 5 seconds and say, “Well, it works for me.” No fricken crap. I wasn’t saying that it didn’t turn on, I’m complaining that it stays on for 6 hrs! And of course, I’m not allowed to fix it because it’s not really mine. I don’t know what drives me banana sandwich more, the fact that I can fix but I’m not allowed to, or the way that people tend to talk down to me because of my perceived age.

Now there is something that really twists my Cheez-Its®, people who talk down to me because I’m younger than them. I had to deal with that back when we had our incompetent engineer, a.k.a. Rufus, at my company. Because this Pulitzer winner had been in the “computer world” for 15 years, he just knew so much more than me and just was able to call me at every, last, stinkin’ turn to get the real answer to the problems he couldn’t solve. You also might remember the guy (Wingus or Dingus) that I had to deal with awhile ago who pulled the same crapola with CiscoWorks and I had to show him how to run a simple installer. This is a few of many that I know I and other people who read this blog have dealt with. Now I want to be very clear that I am not disrespecting experience. I’ve met a lot of people that have a lot of years of experience and a great wealth of knowledge about many things, but the difference is that they don’t automatically assume that someone less experienced can’t have anything to offer.

Another addendum to that is people who think that because I’m younger I can get funding for anything. That stupid realestate agent Gary gave us a load of crap about how I couldn’t come up with funding an all sorts of things like that and made me jump though a crap load of hoops to prove that I could be funded for the amount I was offering on the house. I wanted to kick the crap out of him with my 735 credit score when he did that. I think I’m going to hire someone to go take a poopie in his shoe. And if that house comes back up for sale, which it will because of his illegal practices, I’m going to go back and offer less because of how much of my time, Sara’s time, my Mom’s time, Kim’s time, and Curt’s time he wasted with his crap.

Speaking of crap, our apartment hallway has been smelling like bums were having poop fights in it. I swear, if I catch them, I’ll make them clean it up with their tongues.

Now I don’t get this at all. We have a really nice VoIP system at work that allows us to do conference calls, but instead of using that for our worthless 10 minute calls that we have every Monday morning, we pay around $60 to use someone else’s tool. So we waste our time and money, or basically our time twice.

Speaking of doing things twice, I have to install our “new” server two times because we can’t just magically get the Microsoft software. This wonderful “Action Pack” from Microsoft is just so much like the MSDN that we used to have, that we can’t get anything worthwhile from it. So instead of being able to download the software, we can just get the keys emailed to us, but no media so we can’t install it. Worthless.

Going back to worthless, we’ve hired a new person at work. Now I will admit that I’ve not given the gentleman the chance to prove himself yet; but why in God’s name do we need another engineer at work? I mean, maybe it’s just me, but there is no work to be done. None, nada, zip, zero, zilch, zisparisika. I don’t get the philosophy of “Oh I have money in the bank so even though I have no clients, I must be successful.” Give me a break.

Going on to breaks, people in Cincinnati cannot drive in the fricken snow. Not one of them could figure out that you could edge up on me as much as you wanted, but some how, I still wouldn’t move. Maybe it was because there were fifty fricken cars in front of me that weren’t going anywhere, maybe it’s because I have instantaneous vendettas that just occur whenever I partake in the traffic collective.

Alright, I’m done. Keep an eye out to hear fun and amusing tales of me testing the waters with the new guy and watching him fall flat on his face because competence is not a characteristic that my company looks for in an employee.

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