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That’s Fricken BA!

Wyatt • • General

Now that’s what I call an interview. It was challenging in the questions that they asked, but satisfying in that I had all the right answers (well, at least I think that I did). I met with 3 individuals who work there and though they couldn’t tell me much more than “what we do is really cool,” I think that it would be an awesome place to work. One of the most interesting questions that I was asked was “How would you go about determining what this unknown virus does?” Unknown viruses??? That’s fricken BA (bad ass, I shortened it just like Dane)! All this reverse engineering sounds so fricken cool! I’m sorry, but this job just sounds uber cool! Hopefully, they will call back soon (about 2 weeks I’m told after all the paperwork and whatnot). I’ll keep you posted.

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