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The Past Returns

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I’m slightly conflicted. Getting messages from people you haven’t talked to in 5 years will do that to you though. It’s always really weird talking with someone you haven’t spoken too in a really long time, even more so when there was not a good ending to the last time that you spoke. This seems to happen to a lot of people and it just always reminds me of the “Jerry….” … “Hello … Newman.” that was on Seinfeld. It’s like the conversation never really flows, sort of like trying to flush a block of wood through plumbing that’s way too small and then you have to call the Roto-rooter man and they ask you why you were trying to flush a 5 year old block of wood through and that you shouldn’t be bitter towards the block of wood after 5 years because you think it had an affair with the sink even though there was no soap to prove it all the while reminding yourself that the next time you’ll use the garbage disposal.

Not that this is what happened mind you, just what I think what someone would slip up and say on a dumb sitcom and using the number 5 because it was easy to get to. I mean, it’s just right there next to the 6, how could you not go for it? My situation revolves more around that after 5 years, I don’t feel bitter, but more perplexed. I guess it’s just me and my logic trying to make sense of things that would make someone’s brain give off the sound of tapioca with cashews being pressed through a screen door by a rabid chiuaua hopped up on speed. As best I can tell, the proof would go:

A -> true
B -> true
A && B -> false
Someone is a pope

Well needless to say, I replied with a clunky, block of wood message, mainly for the hell of it. Maybe I replied because I am slightly OCD and I hate seeing stuff left half finished, but other than that I really don’t know why. But then again, I’m not really sure why I do many of the things that I do. Maybe it’s because I’m not the pope.

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