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Best Served Cold

Wyatt • • Revenge Stories

Yep, you know it. Revenge. As the Klingon’s said, it’s best served cold. Even better with a side order of whoop-ass. I’m not a vengeful person by nature. Well, that’s a flat out lie. I would prevenge as many people as I could if I had the foresight to do so. However, I saw this one coming. I stepped off of their railroad tracks while everyone else was looking for what I was pretending to stare at out in the horizon. And the carnage, oh the sweet sweet carnage :twisted:. But enough about my pleasure, I’m sure you’re interested to know what happened. I did try to hook you in as much as I could with all my gloating and glowering.

So if you’ve been reading, you know the following: My job sucks, I hate my job, My boss is an idiot, My clients are nuts, and I hate running Ethernet cable. Well, the cable has been ran and ran some more all over their data center. Specifically, their are 3 cables per server, roughly 20 servers to a rack. Doing the math that comes to 60 cables per server rack. If you’ve never held 60 CAT-6 Ethernet cables in your hand at once, it’s not a small bundle (oh this is good, so very, very good). Well, running these cables from server rack to server rack, eventually, they fill up the space you have run them through. Yes, that’s right, matter takes up space. I know we’ve not gotten past that yet, but it should be a fairly simple concept to grasp. After running all of the cables required, the told me I had to run more. I said I can’t do that based on the laws of physics. The gave me a stunned look as I showed them how there is no room left to run any more network cable. I thought that they were going to cry. But it gets better.

The last rack that I ran to was only half full. So now they have more no room to run cable to servers they planned to put in. But wait, it gets better….

The last rack of the row has no servers in it currently, but was planned to have another twenty and they have no room to run any cable to them. But wait, it gets better….

They have another rack that they have assembled and ready to install on the end of the row that has no more room left for any cable at all so now they can’t put that rack or any of the servers for it. But wait, it gets better….

They don’t even have enough open ports on the switch let alone the cabling space required to install any of the servers that go in the last empty rack or the rack they have yet to install.

I was so happy I could barely contain myself and my heritage passed on to me by my father, “The Neal Shit-Eating Grin,” as I watched them writhe in agony and luscious torment at their lack of a basic understanding of how matter takes up space (part of the definition of matter) and how simple math is the best foundation for pain in the ass problems.

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