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Lazy People

Wyatt • • Rants

Cabling an entire data center gives you a lot of time to think. Mainly about how many different ways you could maim your boss and get away with it, but other things as well. Today I was thinking about how lazy people annoy the flipping crap out of me. One of the big ones is the stupid “Handicap Accessible” buttons that are placed on many doors. Generally, these buttons are about 6-8 feet away from the door. Now this is the part that I don’t get. People will walk the extra 6 feet out of the way, wait for 10 seconds for the door to open instead of just opening the door by hand. It’s kind of like tearing apart the whole living room to find the remote and walking by the TV 5 times while you are looking for it. I for the life of me cannot see the logic in it. But what really irks me about it is when this non-handicapped moron in front of me has to go push the stupid button, I have to wait and waste my time while this mofo meanders through the slow opening door. But it’s even better when the button doesn’t work. They push it and walk towards the door and when it doesn’t open, they walk back and push it again. Sometimes twice if they are really stupid. Then, when the door doesn’t open, it’s usually followed by a sigh of exhasperation and them slowly going to open the door because it’s just so damn hard to pull open a door. No wonder a third of America suffers from obesity if most of us are too lazy to open our own door. People should get flogged for being that stupid; however, if you listen to “They Might Be Giants,” you should know that:

People should get beat up for stating their beliefs.

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