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Wyatt • • Rants

Well, I’ve not posted in a bit, but that’s because nothing has been new. I had to de-cable the same data center that I had to run cable in this last week. All of the cable had to be removed from these server racks and it was going to be thrown away. I repeat thrown away. It took me over and hour and a half to remove all this cable because they wouldn’t let me cut it. They couldn’t give me any good reason why, other than I wasn’t allowed. Mind you, this is crappy, untested, un-certified cable with all missing the little snag boots. After I got done I told them I could have had the job completed in an hour if they would have let me cut the cable. The response was, “Yeah, I was really thinking about letting you do that.” I’m sorry my friends, but that is just stupid. At least as I write this, Sara is flying through the air at break neck speeds on her way back from California. Then I’ll at least have someone to torment again :-).

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