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Wyatt • • Rants

Pardon my French, but those stupid fricken morons with idiots for parents and a learning disability of a butt pirate on crack tick me off big time. Who are they you ask? I’ll tell you. It’s the developers that write in Java and put in very specific lines of code. But I finally found it you egg sucking skanks. I found where Sun is helping you horrible people to write bad code and screw the world over. What am I referring to you ask? I’m referring to the 40 flipping versions of Java that I have to have installed on my machine in order to use various pages on the Internet.

Apparently, there is a little tag that you can put in to ask for YOUR specific version of Java so that you can be a lazy jerk and write crappy code. This stupid link tells morons how to specifically request their version of Java to be used. That is the stupidest thing ever. Do I ever write an application and say, you have to use minor version 2.3.1 of GCC to compile it? I might say you need GCC 2 or GCC 3, because they changed standards conformance but nothing stupid like you need 2.2.2_rc1_nightly5_hour4 because I DON’T WRITE CRAPPY COMPILER SPECIFIC CODE. If I could get a hold of you dumb bastards, I would cram my 57″ lead pipe up your ass and drop in a cherry bomb after cherry bomb and laugh in joyous torment at causing you the pain you have distributed to the rest of the world. That goes for you at Sun as well, you started it so you would be first on the list of pipe full of cherry bombs up the ass dispersal.

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