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New Server Hard Drive

Wyatt • • General

Well, I finally got the new hard drive installed in the server, not that you’ll notice. However, now I can finally get my FTP site back up and running again. That will give me a good store for my music (yah iTunes!) as well as about 30 more hours on my MythTV box (when I get it back up and running).

I really miss my MythTV box. Staying up late to watch all the cool shows is really kind of annoying these days because I really don’t like getting up in the morning thanks work. There seems to be some issue with the card that I have and it actually displaying information on the television, but I’m to lazy at the moment to go hook up the real monitor to it to see what’s going on. It’s sad to say, but I think that I’m actually considering moving to Windows Media Center 2005 because of how much easier it is to get drivers that works. Then again…I don’t want to get a blue screen of death when I’m trying to watch the absolute last showing of my crappy sitcom that would ever be seen on television

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