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Cedar Point

Wyatt • • General

We went to Cedar Point today. I have to say, I am super glad that we did. We had a couple of passes that were graduation presents that I hadn’t used due to the business of the summer. And when I say business of the summer, I am referring to the bazillion weddings, outings, gatherings, and everything else that was going. I swear that there were two months in a row where we had something to do every single weekend. This led to being unable to appreciate the Cedar Point-age. That and a lack of vacation from my company that raped me from my seniority and vacation days (but that’s a different story).

It was a really nice time. Dean, Marilynn, Sara, and I got to ride everything in the park with less than an hour wait, which was really cool. Though, the price of drinks has gone up a buck to $3.00 a 20 oz. bottle, which is completely unrealistic and lead to us being starved and parched as we made our merriment. It was super good though because I needed it. You have no idea how good it is to leave the cell phone at home and drive far away from it. Even if no one was calling you, it’s the release from the electronic ball and chain that makes it worth it.

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