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Fog Day

Wyatt • • General

I am not generally one for caring about how the weather looks outside; however, every now and again I grow a slight appreciation for the way that it looks. Today has started out as one of those days.

Out of all the weather we get, I would have to say that fog is by far the coolest looking. It actually moves and flows around as opposed to rain which explodes in a fiery ball of kamikaze wetness when it hits something. Its also really neat in the way that the density of it changes throughout the entire fog bank.

Maybe what I like about it though was the fact that we had a boat load of fog days back in high school. That was always a great day. You wake up to your radio blaring that school has been cancelled because of fog. FOG!!! I mean, the best I can figure is that the yellow paint on the school buses spontaneously bursts into flames due to the increased friction caused by the fog. But hey, if people want to give me the day off because they are too chicken to drive in a cloud, I’m all for it. You know, I haven’t had a fog day in over 5 years. That’s a lot of fog-day-off-tastic-action that I’ve been missing out on. If 90% of people over the age of 18 weren’t stupid, I’d recommend that we let adults have fog days. But being as it took me 30 minutes to drive into work that was 5 minutes away this morning, something tells me that most of the adults are better off to be kept locked away in their cubes where they can’t pose a fire hazard.

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