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A while ago, there was an article posted on Slashdot that was rather related. The article is located here. While I don’t necessarily agree with everything in the article, it did get me thinking about why I really considered leaving my job.

The first reason would have to be that I am not doing what I want to do. When I signed on with my current company, the little plastic card of “what we did” was laid in front of me. It specifically stated two main headings: networking & security. I told Greg that I would whatever it took to get a job like this. And for awhile it was great, but then something happened and it all changed. I began to have to do more and more systems trouble shooting work. This continued to snow ball further and further as I was the only supporting engineer for the company. I guess you could technically call my “project manager” another supporting person, but that would be a huge stretch. Since I’ve know her, she’s show less and less ability each time that a issue arises. The same thing occurred with the other engineer that was hired to assist the company. It seemed that the more we continued down the support path, the more and more I was looked towards to handle support issues, all the time doing minimal network and security work. Fortunately, some new capable engineers came on board with my company and dove into the front lines with me to save me some sanity. My position somewhat changed when I came on board full time with the company. I was tasked with designing horrible lab solutions that no one would ever see, dealing with the internal support issues with the company and other similar mundane tasks. They also took all of my seniority away.

But there was a hope that came around the corner; I was given the go ahead to work on a very interesting security assessment. From this assessment, I determined that there was a lot the client could do to improve not only their security, but actually improve their design of their network. So I brought this opportunity towards my boss, to which he pounced on like like a good sales representative; however, he did what I had always seen him do in the past which is to lead our company down roads that always troubled me. My boss sold the client a full network assessment, to which I agreed, and a then he sold them support work, to which I wanted to quit on the spot. Fortunately, I was not the supporting engineer assigned to the support task of the network. This did not mean that I did not get to play any sort of support role at this client. On the contrary, I got to support not only the client, but my boss and my project manager because they too were contracted out to the client. Now I am no genius, but I cannot see why there needs to be one manager to every two people on the support staff. As you can imagine, this generally does not work out all that well for getting any work done. More time was spent trying to tell management that their decisions were not helping the customer and repairing the problems that they created by making poor decisions. Eventually, I was migrated to another client where I was put on the lowest task that I have ever had to perform, labeling cables in a data center. From there, things have continued so spiral downward further and further.

It is now to the point that I no longer wake up and say, “I wonder what I will get to do at work today.” That may not be important to a lot of people, but it is important to me. I’m not one of those people who believe that you are supposed to hate your job because that’s just the way that life is. Anyone who would submit to that idea is a complete idiot. If you don’t believe that, call me up and I’ll tell you that you’re an idiot to your face.

I think that we all know when a job is going no where. You can feel yourself and your IQ slip away minute by minute as you waste your time working on meaningless drivel for people who are completely unappreciative. That would be the second biggest reason that I feel like I need to leave my job, the lack of respect. The engineers at our company receive no respect for their valiant efforts and dedication. I know that our employer would be hard pressed to find anyone as dedicated and talented who would work in these conditions.

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