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Server Update

Wyatt • • Rants and Technology

Well, the server update is just going ever so well, for once. Though it is taking forever. That’s the one complaint I really have about Gentoo. I like the fact that everything is compiled from source…but man does it take forever to compile it. So in my downtime, I’ve been working on my laptop trying to get the wireless card to work in it. It worked at one point in time, not really sure what changed to break it though. Its like the silly thing is up and running but it doesn’t want to talk to the Interweb (thanks for that word Betsy) over the wireless. The even funnier thing is that it will allow me to ‘hack’ the wireless access point WEP and WPA keys, which…it shouldn’t be able to do if it doesn’t connect, but it works. Personally, I blame the people at Madwifi…no wait, I blame Intel. If they would have built their card to IEEE specifications and released a real Linux driver, everything would have just been peachy. Oh well, guess I’m technically not allowed to bitch because I paid for this card and i didn’t have to write any driver for it. I guess I’ll just have to sit here an wait for Sara to get back from walking the dog and watch some Inuyasha.

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