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Well, today was just another bang-up day at work. I spent the first 1/3 of my day going over a spread sheet that could have been written by a trained monkey. Sadly, I was the trained monkey that had to write the blasted thing. I would have to say that the second most boring thing to labeling Ethernet cable and running it all over a friggen’ data center is writing down all the names of the servers and their IP addresses, something that should have been done back a long time ago. But, I will admit that it is my own fault. If I would have been the genius at VB script that I hoped I was, I could have written something that did the whole spread sheet, but Excel was not being my friend today.

That was good part of work today. The bad part was that I’ve been tasked with migrating 100+ DHCP scopes from an old CNR system to the new and busted Microsoft solution. Now, I should probably take that dig at Microsoft back considering that if I want to make a backup copy of the configuration, it’s 1 command, where in the CNR, I’ve yet to see it done. In fact, the official documentation of the CNR says [paraphrased], “don’t worry about backing up your configuration, just buy another server, spend many hours making it redundant and you’ll never have to worry about it.” For all those geeks out there, you will chuckle, the rest of you will will just think that I’m a geek; moving on. So I found a way to get a very sketchy configuration from the CNR server so that I could actually work on writing the script that will translate the configuration to the Microsoft brand. Later in the day, after I have been working on this for awhile (yeah, I had to try learning a new programing language because I thought it was too simple of a task), I find out that they have this information stored somewhere and that the format that I’m using will be completely wrong, but that I should continue on my project and they will get me the new format as soon as they can… This is one of those what you think, what you say ordeals.

What was said:
Idiot: “I’m going to get you a new format, but keep working on using the old format until I get you the new one.”
Me: “Sure, I can do that no problem.”

What was thought:
Idiot: “I’m a stu-pud idiot and by the way, I’m going to get you a new format, but keep working on using the old format until I get you the new one.”
Me: “Sure, I can do that no problem. I mean I really love redoing all my work for no good reason. By the way, I will stab you in the jaw with a pen.”
Idiot: “Ow!…Not the blue pen! Any color but the blue pen!”

And it’s not that I really think that the blue pen would hurt a hell of a lot more than a black one, I just happen to like the color better. So now at home, I’ve nothing all that incredible to do. I think that I will finally get around to upgrading my server so that my MythTV box will work again. I dread the thought of that though. In the past, I don’t think that ‘not well’ even begins to describe how tinkering with the myth box goes. It usually goes, “Ah, now it works…wait…what the hell! Why can’t I use the remote….no I can use the remote, just not the left half of it…wait, now the left half works but my website is all pink! Stupid fricken monkey ass myth box!”

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