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How to Abuse Stuff

Wyatt • • Technology

So FireFox corrupted my profile…again, for like the 123rd time. Now I have no idea why it does this, but it does give me the pain in the patella task of re-installing all of my extensions. So I go install the usual; Forecast-fox, Switch-Proxy, Ad Block, Google Toolbar, Tab Browser Prefs, and Download Manager Tweak. But then I remembered one that I hadn’t installed for a long time and I really never used it to its full potential: Greasemonkey. Greasemonkey is a cool extension that allows you to inject java script into website to get some more potential out of them. For example, the Mailto Compose in Gmail script is really awesome for me. It takes all the email addresses that it finds on the page and changes them into links that open new Gmails to that address. There are a veritable butt load of scripts for this extension all over the net, but the best place seems to be here. So I can see you are over there wondering, “Wyatt, how can I get in on this funky fresh action? I need to know!” Well, I’ll give you the step by step:

  1. Install Firefox if you don’t already have it
  2. Go here and seach Extensions for Greasemonkey and install
  3. Restart Firefox and head off to http://userscripts.org and find some stuff you like and use it

There you go, simple as can be. Again, my favorites are under the Google or gmail section but there are tons more.

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